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How the Gulf War combat debut of 'stealth and GPS' transformed war
Posted on Friday May 24, 2019

When GPS-enabled sensors pinpointed enemy targets, surveillance aircraft monitored enemy troop movements and stealth bombers eluded radar tracking from air defenses in the opening days of Operation Desert Storm decades ago -- in January of 1991 – very few of those involved were likely considering how these attacks signified a new era in modern warfare.

Mark Zuckerberg claims Facebook security efforts will suffer if company is broken up
Posted on Friday May 24, 2019

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Mark Zuckerberg is countering calls to break up Facebook, saying that doing so would only diminish his company's billion-dollar attempts to fix the social network.

Facebook reveals how often it gets content takedowns wrong
Posted on Friday May 24, 2019

Facebook is routinely taking down posts for suspected spam, hate speech, and bullying.

Google Pixel 3a review: The best (non iPhone) $400 you'll ever spend
Posted on Friday May 24, 2019

After having spent a week reviewing Google's Pixel 3a, I've got to say it impressed me. A lot. And at $400, it might just be the best Android phone on the market. At any price point. 

Google inadvertently thwarts Baltimore's battle against ransomware attack
Posted on Friday May 24, 2019

Google inadvertently thwarted Baltimore’s attempt to combat a major ransomware attack against the city.

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