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Tech giants use AI to fight famine in coordination with international groups
Posted on Monday September 24, 2018

Google, Amazon and Microsoft are linking arms with international organizations to use artificial intelligence to identify and prevent famines.

iPhone XS and XS Max don't survive drops
Posted on Monday September 24, 2018

If you've paid a small fortune to have an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max in your pocket, the answer to the question "should it put it in a protective case?" is a resounding yes!

Air Force: New bomb technology lags behind large air platform innovation
Posted on Monday September 24, 2018

U.S. Air Force researchers and bomb-makers are expressing concerns that the modernization of air-dropped weapons has been lagging-behind the many technical advances built into the larger platforms that drop them, such as the B-2, F-35 and the emerging B-21.

Creepy robot that could 'destroy us all' has a new rival
Posted on Monday September 24, 2018

In May, the world got a new look at Boston Dynamics' intriguing, albeit terrifying robots, Atlas, a humanoid robot, and SpotMini, a doglike robot, performing new functions such as running through the woods and navigating around an office.

Twitter bug may have exposed direct messages
Posted on Sunday September 23, 2018

Twitter on Friday announced it has fixed a bug affecting one of its APIs that may have sent users' private direct messages and protected tweets to third-party developers who were not meant to receive them.

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