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Bitcoin is both a risk asset and safe haven — and still worth owning at these levels, says Wolfe Research
Posted on Thursday September 28, 2023

Bitcoin has long perplexed investors with its ability to act like both digital gold and a tech stock, but Wolfe Research says to lean into the nuance.

Explaining the partisan divide around bitcoin
Posted on Thursday September 28, 2023

Nelson began by focusing on the apparent political divide around Bitcoin. Why is it that many Democrats appear to be against Bitcoin? He also raised an eyebrow at the youth-centric advocacy for cryptocurrency, especially when older lobbyists traditionally dominate other sectors.

Santander: Security And Bitcoin Boost Tourism Growth In El Salvador
Posted on Friday September 29, 2023

Santander US Capital Markets published a new report on El Salvador and it shows how bitcoin is impacting its tourism growth.

Looking for the Next Bitcoin? 3 Things Every Investor Needs to Know.
Posted on Friday September 29, 2023

Bitcoin's creation spurred the evolution of a new asset class, but not all cryptocurrencies are cut from the same cloth.

Bitcoin’s inflation-hedge theory tested as rising interest rates bring turbulence to markets
Posted on Friday September 29, 2023

Data suggests that the Fed’s monetary policy could eventually break something in the US economy, but what impact could this have on Bitcoin price?

The Most Pressing Issue on Ethereum is Validator Size Growth
Posted on Friday September 29, 2023

Ethereum protocol developers made a last-minute decision to include an additional code change in the forthcoming

Ethereum Staking Surges to 7.4M ETH and Counting
Posted on Thursday September 28, 2023

It has now officially been one year since the Ethereum Merge. Last year, the Merge upgrade ushered in the advent of a new era for not only the

Opposing Centralization in Ethereum Staking
Posted on Friday September 29, 2023

There’s not just demand to build on Ethereum, but a wildly unanticipated demand to participate in Ethereum’s consensus, aka staking. Stakers put down collateral in the form of ETH to validate the network and receive rewards in the form of ETH.

Bitwise announces two innovative Ethereum futures ETFs, trading to start on 2 October
Posted on Friday September 29, 2023

A leading crypto asset manager, Bitwise, has revealed that enthusiasts can start trading its innovative Ether-themed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on 2 October 2023. The first-of-a-kind initiative will offer individuals exposure to Ether in a regulated ETF format.

As SEC delays approving spot bitcoin ETFs, ethereum futures get a nod
Posted on Friday September 29, 2023

The SEC gave a present to firms just ahead of a likely government shutdown, granting approval for a number of Ethereum futures ETFs.

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