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Amazon porch pirates, Facebook defenses, expediting videos and more: Tech Q&A
Posted on Saturday May 26, 2018

How do I see what apps are stealing info from my Facebook account? I cannot believe there is only one Cambridge Analytical out there!

Alexa, tell me about God: Church of England taps Amazon device to spread Christian message
Posted on Friday May 25, 2018

The Church of England is harnessing Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to answer questions about faith and spread its Christian message.

9 clever ways to repurpose your old cell phone
Posted on Friday May 25, 2018

A smartphone is really just a computer. It’s smaller, of course, and many things are less convenient than a regular desktop. But smartphones have powerful features, and once you’ve upgraded to a better model, you may wonder what to do with all that valuable hardware.

Marines' new Switchblade drones will unleash lethal mini missiles
Posted on Friday May 25, 2018

Marines will soon be even more deadly - and safer - with their new extremely lethal Switchblades.

Tinder launches creepy new feature
Posted on Friday May 25, 2018

Tinder has officially taken stalking to the next level.

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