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John Legend, Chrissy Teigen Considered Leaving America Because of Trump
Posted on Friday September 25, 2020

Singer and NBC's "The Voice" judge John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen have considered leaving America because of Donald Trump and what Legend called the president's "embarrassing" leadership style. The Grammy-winning singer made the revelation in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, in which he also claimed that President Trump is "trying to destroy democracy."

Elizabeth Warren claims Donald Trump is 'flirting with treason' | Daily Mail Online
Posted on Friday September 25, 2020

Massachusetts Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren said President Donald Trump is 'not necessarily going to accept the will of the voters' and was 'flirting with treason.'

Report: Gun Sales Surge 80 Percent in Seven Swing States
Posted on Friday September 25, 2020

Gun sales have been up nationwide for months but are specifically up in seven swing states as the November 3, 2020, election approaches.

B&G Foods to remove Cream of Wheat Black chef image from packaging
Posted on Friday September 25, 2020

B&G Foods said on Thursday it would drop an image of a Black chef from the packaging of its Cream of Wheat porridge mix.

Kyle Rittenhouse Appears in Court for Homicide Case
Posted on Friday September 25, 2020

Kenosha protest killer Kyle Rittenhouse appeared in court via Zoom on Friday.

Truck Plows Through Breonna Taylor Protesters in L.A., 1 Person Hit
Posted on Friday September 25, 2020

Truck plows through Breonna Taylor protest in L.A.

EXCLUSIVE: California Man Finds THOUSANDS of What Appear to be Unopened Ballots in Garbage Dumpster -- Workers Quickly Try to Cover Them Up -- We are Working to Verify
Posted on Friday September 25, 2020

Last night we received these photos from a reader in California.  They appear to show hundreds of alleged unopened ballots in a garbage dumpster in California.  We are working to verify. Big if true. This is an exclusive from a Gateway Pundit reader in California. Hey Gateway Pundit, I thought you might find this interesting.…

Argentinian MP resigns after kissing his mistress's breasts during an online parliamentary session | Daily Mail Online
Posted on Friday September 25, 2020

Married father-of-three Juan Emilio Ameri shocked fellow lawmakers by letting a pretty blonde sit on his lap, pulling down her top and kissing her right nipple during a parliamentary session..

Covid-hit university students: 'Why have they sent us here?' - BBC News
Posted on Friday September 25, 2020

Students caught up in a spate of Covid outbreaks question why university residences were allowed to open.

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